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Third Grade Newsletter

Title I

Snow Creek Elementary

September 9-13



SOL #3.1

TSW practice problem solving strategies on Monday.  TSW begin unit on comparing numbers and ordering numbers on Tuesday.  TSW have a quiz on Thursday. 




Please send in Campbell’s soup labels, Coke points, and Box Tops.  Thanks!

Social Studies

SOL #3.5

TSW continue their study of geography.  Please have your child study every night.   Their study guide is the first four pages in their Geography Skills booklet.  Their final test will be on IA on Monday, September 16th.




SOL #3.3, 3.1, 3.2

TSW finish their study on matter.  The final matter test is on IA on Monday, September 9th.  We will do an experiment with bubbles on Tuesday and Wednesday.  TSW begin the unit on Simple Machines on Thursday.  They will receive a new booklet. 






Language Arts

SOL #3.5, 3.6
TSW continue to read and comprehend on-grade level passages using the UNRAVEL strategy.  They will work in small groups on comprehension, fluency, and phonics on their reading level.  There will be some assessments on that level at the end of the week.

There is a writing assignment this week – Week #2.  The prompt is in the green booklet titled, “Weekly Writing Assignments”.  This is a homework assignment they can work on all week, and it is due on Friday.  We expect to see a rough draft (sloppy copy) and a neat final copy.  We will start the prompt in class on Monday, but the rest needs to be completed at home.  The rubric we use to grade these is found in the beginning of the booklet.  Please make sure students work on this a little every night so they do not wait until the last minute to finish it.  We look forward to reading their writing! J


Important Reminders:

9/13     Progress Reports

9/19     Fall Pictures

9/23     Race to Read Sheets Due

9/27     Early Dismissal for

            Students & Spirit Day



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